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Luke, January 28 2019

What is Memory Care?

The amount of seniors with dementia is projected to double in numbers by the year 2040. One reason is the baby boomers will be creating the need for seniors needing treatment for dementia. The industry of senior care is already rising to meet these needs by adding Memory Care to facilities for the aged.

 Facts about Memory Care

Memory Care is more expensive than regular assisted living because of all the personal care support needed. A senior in memory care most likely will need help with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and management of medication. The care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with constant supervision for patients in all stages of the disease.

 A Memory Care facility is built for the needs of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The area is designed by experts in dementia for a secure environment. Color-coded hallways and other features are used to help assist a senior with navigation. It also helps to reduce agitation among the residents while encouraging independence for as long as the person is able.

 A Memory Care facility also has programs to help with any behavioral issues the person may be experiencing.  These therapeutic programs address the issues of wandering, memory impairment, and other dementia behaviors. The programs address every stage of the disease and personalize each stage for the individual.

Too, the communities which have a Memory Care program have noticed a change in the seniors in different areas of their life. This includes fewer fall and injuries, reduced medication and the side effects of the medication, an increased feeling of wellness, increase in nutrition, more social interaction and greater independence.


Plus, a person who has dementia isn't isolated from other people. Instead, the residents are in a separate unit of the larger facility. The residents are offered therapeutic programming, continuing care and are socialized. Knowing that a family member is being cared for 24 hours a day can help give their families much needed peace of mind.

When choosing a Memory Care facility

When looking for a Memory Care facility for a loved one, there are some critical questions to ask. A tour should also be taken of the facility which is being considered. Ask questions to gather all the information needed to make the best choice. Below is a sample of questions which might be asked:

1.    What is the level of care provided and what kind of training does the staff have?

2.    Are there private or semi-private rooms and what is the difference in rates?

3.    What is the level of personal assistance for residents? Are meals provided? Are special dietary needs taken into consideration?

4.    What kind of security is there and what is the policy for a medical emergency?

5.    How is the resident’s well-being shared with family members? What is the ratio of staff to the amount of resident’s during the day? What about at night?

 Choosing the right Memory Care facility is a difficult job. But, when the right one is selected, then the caregivers and family members can relax knowing the loved one is in good hands.



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