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Luke, October 9 2018

How to Choose the Right Caregiver

Even though you would like to take care of your loved one, sometimes circumstances prevent it. Perhaps you've had to go back to work, or some other obligation won't permit it. Finding someone reliable who will take as good care of your loved one as you can be a worry. But, choosing an in-home caregiver doesn't have to be difficult if you follow these tips below:

1.       Figure out the home-care needs of your loved one: Sit down and figure out what your loved one needs in the way of home care. Do they need physical therapy, home health care or management of their medication? Or do they need personal care like dressing, bathing, meal preparation or toileting? Maybe the only need a companion while you’re gone. Once you figure out the needs, then you can decide what kind of help you need.

2.       Write out a job description: The job description needs to be based on what will be required help wise. Include what type of health care training is going to be expected. If the caregiver needs a driver license and a car for running errands and taking your loved one to appointments. If the person will be able to lift the loved one if needed or knows how to operate specialized equipment.

3.       Make a contract: This contract is written based on the job description and what is expected. Such things need to be included as when and how often payment will be made. How many hours of work will be required? The social security of the person and references need to be included. What you term as unacceptable behavior like abusive language, being late or smoking in the residence.

4.       Prepare for the interview: Have a list of questions to ask the caregiver during the interview. If you don't know what questions to ask, call the agency you're thinking about hiring from. They should have a list of questions you can ask the potential hire.

5.       At the interview: When you have done a telephone interview and chosen a few applicants for the next step, then make appointments for the meeting. In addition, have another person sit in on the interview plus your loved one if they are capable. Always watch the interaction between the person you're interviewing, and you're loved one. If you're loved one doesn't like the person, then not hiring then would be the proper choice.

6.       Get references and criminal background check: It's important to check the references and talk to the people who are the references. State-funded caregivers must pass a criminal background check. Use the background check for drug use, driving under the influence, or driving without a license which would be a safety issue. 

7.       Monitor: Once hired, then monitor the quality of care the caregiver provides. Visit your loved one often and unannounced as well as reports from the caregiver and the agency from which they are hired.

When you aren't there, having a  professional caregiver taking care of your loved one will ease your mind.  

Let us take the worry off your hands knowing your loved one will be cared for in our loving home by our family.


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