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Individual Care Sheet Agape Assisted Living

Physicians Report

Consent for Medical Treatment

Admission Agreement

Department of Social Services for the State of California Required Forms.  These forms are required as part of the Admission process.

Our Admission Agreement, House Rules and Theft and Loss Policy are found below.  The Individual Care Sheet is optional but highly recommended.

Emergency Identification and Information

Release of Resident Medical Info

Resident Personal Property and Valuables

Telecomunications Agreement

Your Right to make Medical Decisions

Prior to admission the physicians report must be filled out by the primary care doctor.  Included in the report is also a mandatory Teberculosis test.  This test can be done via a chest xray or skin ppd. This would have to be completed prior to admission.

These documents can be signed easily remotely via docusign (www.docusign.com ) for families that prefer it or are out of town.

Resident Personal Rights

Resident Pre Placement Appraisal

Admission Agreement