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Our Testimonials

Following the passing of my mother, Sylvia Bias, I wanted to send my appreciation for all that you and Agape did to assist my mother during her final times here.

My wife and I were in Concord only three days last week to help Sharon with ceremony and other things. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to drop by in person.

From the time my mother moved to Agape, I felt much more comfortable and confident with the care she received there. She was clearly more positive and relaxed when we visited and we could feel the loving care each time we came be. I really appreciate this and feel that you are doing a tremendously good thing for us and people facing a similar circumstance.

I could better accept her passing last month knowing her final years were spent in peace and comfort.

Thanks for all that you do and thanks for taking such good care of Sylvia.


Dean & Machiko Bias

Dean Bias
The warm home atmosphere with just a hand full of residents was much easier for Mom to feel at home than with a large corporate facility. Mom is much happier, and well cared for, and I have much more peace of mind since she began living at Agape Assisted Living.

Ginger O
I really appreciate everything you guys have done for my mother. I know she was well cared for and she loved living at Agape Assisted Living.

Don S.

Don S.
My Aunt has been at Agape for over 3 years, she receives wonderful care from the providers there. The home itself is quite beautiful, very clean and comfortable feeling. Luke and his wife (the owners) are so great and friendly. I can’t imagine a better place. My mother-in-law was in a care facility before she passed away, I wish we could of found a facility like Agape for her!

Chuck Freeman

Chuck Freeman
I am very delighted with Agape where my mother resides. She is well cared for and the facility is very comfortable and clean. The meals are great and the caregivers are friendly and always available. I highly recommend this place to anyone.


Before another moment goes by, I just wanted to thank you and Jenny and Dorina for your kindness, patience and loving care of my mom. You have been nothing but helpful, patient and supportive over this last year and we are so grateful.


My mother has been at Agape for almost 4 years. The residence is always immaculate.The caregivers are just wonderful and always able to tell me about the week my Mom has had when I visit. Each individual receives the personal attention they need. Communication with the Administrator is easy for me via phone or e-mail. Best of all, I never have worried about my mother since she has lived at Agape.

Evelyn’s Daughter

Evelyns Daughter

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