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Decorating cookies and have a great time

Decorating cookies with the residents. Everyone had a blast. We strive to provide a active and social environment for our senior residents and this is one of the many activities we do as a group.  None of the cookies made it past dinner time 🙂

Music Therapy

Music Therapy – A Senior Care Activity. What type of music do you like? What type of music did you grow up listening to. Did your loved one enjoy music. Did they enjoy to sing?  Know this information opens new opportunities in better caring for your loved one.  The more we know about the the likes and dislikes of our residents the better we can craft a care plan to meet their daily needs.  This is why we have a comprehensive admission process that includes a individual care sheet that needs to be filled out so we can best know […]

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Nintendo Wii big hit with seniors in the community

Who would have thought playing with nintendo wii would be a fun activity for seniors. It is, with the right games its actually becoming a hit and favorite activity. We have games available for every need, from brain stimulation to sports such as golfing bowling etc

Wii sports resort provides us with many fun filled activity times.
Something everyone is sure to enjoy.