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at your services

at your service

We feature all private rooms and all rooms have a call button system to alert care staff of any needs that arise during the night or day.  All rooms are setup for cable TV and telephone services. WiFi is available at no charge throughout the care home.

Our trained caregivers are always available to assist our residents with all activities of daily living, from minimal standby assistance to full care including care for residents with all stages of mild cognitive impairment ( memory problems )

All medication are centrally stored and managed. Medications are given strictly by doctors orders. Our caregivers are first aid certified and are available around the clock.

We offer a variety of social and recreational activities from gardening, arts and crafts, sing-alongs, table games, exercise and much more.

We are available for visits at your convenience.

The Agape  difference.

Our mission at Agape Assisted Living is to provide care that affirms the worth and dignity of every person and at every stage of life.

We believe that all life is inherently valuable and all people deserve best possible care, affection and quality of life during their later years.

We show this philosophy by providing superior care for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of each resident and their families.

Our Philosophy revolves around the meaning of Agape and the acronymCCR” that stands for Care, Compassion and Respect.
Agape is a Greek word for love of one another, and at Agape Assisted Living, it is more than a name.

It holds our very principles of commitment to treating one another with dignity, empathy and compassion. Everything we do is fueled by love and utmost respect for one another.

Having a strong support system in place.  Staffing according to residents needs, and closely monitoring residents behavioral and physical changes and communicating with family and doctors.
Got Questions?  We compiled a few questions and answers here. Feel free to call/text 925-788-2530 or us your questions or concerns.

You had me at Hello, Let's talk!
personalized service

Caring stars provider award.

  • At Agape Assisted Living Home Care a well-structured, personalized care program is created to meet the special needs of each resident: medical, dietary, physical, hygiene, and social in order to provide the highest sense of independence, safety, and quality of life.
  • Our residents enjoy beautifully designed private rooms with private or semi-private bathrooms, nutritious well-balanced meals.
  • Individualized services, and an array of activities tailored to their interests and abilities—all part of our distinctive approach that promotes well-being and maximizes resident independence.
  • Bi-weekly communication with family or responsible parties, via phone, email, text msg regarding loved ones health, social and well-being.

People exercising while sitting down

  •   Family, friends and caregivers participate in a wide variety of social activities:
  •   Dancing, singing Classic and contemporary movies.
  •   Games, such as Bingo, Dominoes, Yahtzee  as well as Arts and crafts
  •   Birthday parties and special events
  •   Indoor and outdoor therapeutic recreation and easy gardening in our herb and tomato pots
  •   Pet Therapy 2 cheerful labrador retrievers
  •   Weekly entertainer/piano player and sing-alongs
  •   Morning and afternoon walks and sitting exercise as well as ball toss
  • And much more such as Nintendo Wii games etc..
care and supervision

Caregiver with elderly woman

  • Our Residential Care community is specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.
  • The bathroom facilities are equipped with assistive devices for maximum safety and independence.
  • Our competent and caring staff is First Aid certified and available 24 hours a day, and only a call away.
  • A call station button is available in every room and bathrooms for immediate response.
  • All doors have a wandering safety security system installed.
  • Other safety devices for “fall risk” residents available.
  • Residents can enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a wonderful nature setting on our large deck. Lots of flowers, birds and butterflies in the summer time.
  • Residents can enjoy easy gardening in our many herb and tomato pots on the deck area.

chicken fried steak

  • We take special care to provide three fresh appetizing and nutritious meals daily.  Morning, afternoon, and evening  snacks are always offered and encouraged
  • We offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for our residents to enjoy, as well as lots of sweets for those with a sweet tooth
  • We accommodate special diets as recommended by the physician, such as low sodium, or low sugar

  • normal - mild cognitive impairment - alzheimer'sWhile the Cognitive continuum from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s or Dementia can take months to years, there are cases there where it just not safe enough for your loved one to be at home alone or living by themselves.
  • Let us take the pressure off you and give you peace of mind by knowing your loved one will be safe and comfortable in our caring hands.
  • Our care staff is properly trained to work with residents with all stages on the cognitive continuum.  Let’s get in touch and discuss your loved one’s needs.

Our Residential Home Care is equipped with the latest safety devices.

At Agape Assisted Living Home Care we take pride in making sure our community is wheelchair accessible, and the caregivers strive to meet every resident physical and personal needs.  You can rest assured that we will do everything in our capabilities to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

Safety concerns that are brought up to us are usually fixed within a business day and we welcome all feedback on how we can improve safety for our caregivers and residents.

door alarm

Door Chimes on all doors

We’ve installed door chimes on all exit doors to aid with residents who are prone to elopement or wandering throughout the day and night

handicap accessible bathroom

Latest assistive devices

Our care facility wheel chair accessible and is equipped with the latest in safety devices to aid our residents independence. Grab bars in the bathrooms and showers as well as ADA compliant toilets.  Other safety devices can be used at the doctor’s request.

Elderly woman holding a call button

Call buttons in every room

All rooms and bathrooms feature a call button that residents can use to call for assistance.