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Our New planted Aquarium

//Our New planted Aquarium

Our New planted Aquarium

So I got to thinking, what else we can do to improve the quality of life of our senior residents. I remembered i loved fish and aquariums when I was little, and so the idea to hold and I began planning this adventure.
The adventure started by purchasing a used 55-gallon aquarium on craigslist. Finding a location for it proved to be challenging, but we settled on placing it on the fireplace mantle (covering the fireplace since we can not use it anyways) And now the fun started. I needed to build a custom aquarium stand so that the aquarium would be at eye level with the residents sitting in the living room.
Then we had to buy filters, and then lights and then how about a Co2 system for the plants to thrive. There are also 5 pieces of Malaysian driftwood as well as a few rocks to create hiding places for the fish and shrimp.
Finally, the day came when I gathered all the equipment plants, gravel. All our residents were excited and got to participate in where the Malaysian driftwood was placed as well as plants planted. They are very excited and just fascinated by the plant file, the fish and shrimps swimming about.
Feeding and caring for the fish have been entrusted to our residents who enjoy every bit of it.

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