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End of life care in our community

Do you provide hospice care?

Yes . We are licensed for hospice end of life care for 3 residents and you will not have to find other accommodations for your loved one. We work with all hospice agencies and follow doctors orders. We have worked with Hospice of the East Bay, Kaiser Hospice Vitas Care and  have over 11 years of experience and can assure you your loved one will be cared for like family.

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Are there Doctors or Nurses on staff ?

We are a non-medical care facility which is not allowed to provide skilled nursing care.   We do not have nurses or doctors on our staff.  The residents Doctor, based on the residents needs can order physical, occupational or nursing services to come and visit the resident in our facility a few times a week or more when needed.  We are also licensed for end of life hospice care.

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Do you provide Hospice Care for the terminally ill ?

Yes. We do provide care for terminally ill residents.  We are licensed by the state of California for up to 3 hospice residents at a time. Our staff in well trained in assisting residents with end-of-life care.  We work with all hospice care agencies that are recommended by the resident’s physician.

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