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/Frequently Asked Questions

Page that has answers to frequently asked questions about our residential care home and services we provide.

Are there activities for residents in your Residential Care Home?

Yes.  We provide a wide range of activities based on residents assessed needs and abilities.  We have a musician that comes in once a week and sings and plays music. There are exercises every morning in which residents can choose to take part in as well as much more throughout the day based on the individual care plan and social needs.

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Do you provide hospice care?

Yes . We are licensed for hospice end of life care for 3 residents and you will not have to find other accommodations for your loved one. We work with all hospice agencies and follow doctors orders. We have worked with Hospice of the East Bay, Kaiser Hospice Vitas Care and  have over 11 years of experience and can assure you your loved one will be cared for like family.

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Are Holidays celebrated?

Yes.  We celebrate Easter,  Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We cook a traditional home style cooked meals for each occasion.  Some families may choose to take their loved one home for the holidays, which is great.   Whatever it may be, we can accommodate it.

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Are there any requirements prior to admission?

Yes.  The resident’s doctor needs to fill out the form LIC602A  physicians report for RCFE residential care facility for the elderly.  Page one of this report includes a TB (tuberculosis) test which all residents must take prior to admission as well as conditions, medication allergies etc.  The TB skin test can be ordered by the doctor and read in 3 days.  This can be emailed or faxed over to our residential care home or brought in at the time of admission.

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Are incontinence supplies provided?

Yes.  We provide incontinence care supplies necessary for all activities of daily living.  They are billed to the responsible party monthly, or we can meet the residents needs for depends, chucks, wipes or other dietary needs for a small fee detailed in our admissions agreement.

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Are Pets allowed?

Yes.  We do allow small dogs that do not shed and are potty trained.  The resident must be able to care for the pets needs and provide food water and any necessities.

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