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Age and cognitive appropriate activities for seniors and elderly

Senior residents coloring eggs for Easter

We celebrated Easter this year with the residents coloring eggs listening to music and having a good time together.  We had a great time celebrating Easter with the residents and our kids! Coloring eggs, listening to musing and telling stories and making new memories.


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Opening presents at Christmas

Opening Christmas Presents

Christmas day is always a special time for our elderly residents.  Every year on Christmas day in the morning,  we gather the residents, kids and sing Christmas Carols and exchange presents. Here are some pictures for the previous years.

Decorating cookies and have a great time

Decorating cookies with the residents. Everyone had a blast. We strive to provide a active and social environment for our senior residents and this is one of the many activities we do as a group.  None of the cookies made it past dinner time 🙂

Book club ladies enjoying the weather

Striving to improve the  quality of everyday life for our residents beyond the all the activities available we’ve partnered with Bonnie Pannell who comes in and visits and spends quality one on one time with the each of the residents  as well was group activities with the residents.  They have since formed a small book club and enjoy reading and listening to short stories.

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A new take on the Senior Center.

Our residents now can enjoy more activity options and stimulation, via telephone. It’s an awesome program provided for free to our elderly residents in our care. Offering activities, friendly conversation, and an assortment of classes and support groups to homebound elders and others who find it difficult to go to a community senior center.  Participants call from the comfort of home through telephone conference calls.  No special equipment is needed and the calls are completely free.

Lets get in touch today to find out more about this great service.


Nintendo Wii big hit with seniors in the community

Who would have thought playing with nintendo wii would be a fun activity for seniors. It is, with the right games its actually becoming a hit and favorite activity. We have games available for every need, from brain stimulation to sports such as golfing bowling etc

Wii sports resort provides us with many fun filled activity times.
Something everyone is sure to enjoy.