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//Bus-Stops at Old People’s Homes Take Patients for a Ride

Bus-Stops at Old People’s Homes Take Patients for a Ride

You may not believe but elopement and wandering are more and more common with residents with suffer from dementia. Old people’s homes across Germany are erecting fake bus-stops to make it easier to round up senile pensioners trying to make a run for it, and also to help soothe patients who feel they have things to do, places to be.

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One of the main responsibilities for caring with people with dementia is to try our best to keep them safe even in the event that they want to leave the home.  The use of door alarms or ingress egress  door helps out.  Even wonder alarms are helpful but there is no substitute for an alert caregiver.

We’ve had a few residents that wanted to leave and we have found that when redirection or change of face does not work, taking them for a walk around the neighborhood helps to calm and ease their fears.  And by the time we get back they are more easily redirected to other activities.

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